A City Museum in Urban Space - Viborg Museum

A City Museum in Urban Space

Viborg Museum in the building of the High Court will be a city museum. A city museum telling the stories of the dramatic historical events that have played out in Viborg. Viborg was the unofficial capital of Jutland for hundreds of years and this position makes Viborg unique. The city museum will take as its point of departure the year 1018 where a settlement began to form at Søndersø. From there the museum's exhibits will envelop you in the city's remarkable and momentous history covering more than a thousand years.

The museum is not intended to replace the National Museum. Rather, by working from the distinctively local, we aim to convey the immediate history in a wider perspective. By anchoring the local history in the national, the museum will be relevant for people from near and far. King and Church, Justice and Democracy are matters concerning everyone, and their history shaped us all.

When you leave the new Viborg Museum and move into the city's historical squares, streets, and courtyards, the experience will not yet be over. The museum will have gone on ahead and related history where it actually happened. We will take advantage of the enormous potential of situated history. This is why you can experience homage of kings, church processions, the demolition of the churches after the Reformation, the executioner at work, and much more, while letting yourself be moved by the sweeping of history through the streets and squares of Viborg.