More Museum for More People - Viborg Museum

More Museum for More People

In 2015, Viborg Museum presented a strategy plan with the title 'Mere museum for flere'—more museum for more people. The strategy is intended as the foundation of the important process of transitioning the museum from its old site on the Hjultorvet square to the new Viborg Museum in the old building of the High Court in the Cathedral Quarter of Viborg. This transition will make Viborg Museum a more open museum and allow us to reach a much broader segment of the population.

With this new strategy as the backdrop, Viborg Museum will challenge and evolve its role in society. The new city museum will tell the particular and peculiar stories of Viborg. The DNA of the city is profoundly shaped both by the historical events for which the city scape have provided the scene as well as by the vital institutions which have influenced both Viborg and Denmark for a millennium. This makes the new Viborg Museum doubly relevant in both local and national terms. The history of Viborg is relevant for the local citizen, but the history of the city is so monumental that it carries relevance for all.