Part of Something Bigger - Viborg Museum

The Cathedral Quarter of Viborg

Viborg Museum is part of a bigger vision of developing the area surrounding Viborg Cathedral into a cultural powerhouse on an international level, with a common mission of conveying Danish history in a new way. Today, guests to the city are primarily attracted to visiting the Cathedral itself. Many powerful and relevant stories from the city's history are never told, as guests simply leave after seeing the Cathedral. This is an area in need of innovation.

One coherent attraction

Today, the cultural attractions in Viborg are like isolated islands with no clear connections between them. In the future, visitors will be part of an interconnected journey through the Cathedral Quarter where buildings, squares, and cultural-historical content merges into a coherent, all-day experience. At the same time, we will attain a synergic experience by considering future participants in the Cathedral Quarter under the same brand in terms of things such as common marketing, tourist services, booking, communication, school services, and so on.

The Cathedral Quarter will be composed of Viborg Museum, Viborg Cathedral, the Skovgaard Museum, the old city hall with new cultural functions, a pilgrimage centre, as well as other, future participants. The aspiration is to make the Cathedral Quarter one of the fifty most visited attractions in Denmark.

The hub for the coherent attraction will be a visible and unifying new visitor centre in the area. Inspired by the American concept of a 'visitor center', we will establish a single, shared main entrance for future visitors to the Cathedral Quarter. Here the visitors will purchase tickets for the entire area—including Viborg Museum—and be equipped for the day's experiences by a short film introduction to the Cathedral Quarter's powerful history and plentiful possibilities.