Your Story of Viborg - Viborg Museum

Your Story of Viborg

In a new learning centre we will make accessible the knowledge and collections of the museum as well as our registration and conservation processes. Thereby we hope to increase your insight into our otherwise hidden curatorial work. We will let children and young people participate in the registration and conservation of our cultural heritage through newly developed teaching courses, and through teaching screens we will make the microhistory of Viborg available.

A large part of the museum's work is the collection, registration and conservation of both valuable museum pieces, archive records, and photographs. These invaluable resources and the museum's practical operations are often hidden from the public. The collections are not easily accessed digitally, and only about three per cent are displayed at the old Viborg Museum.

To address this we will open every door in the museum. We will make the collections available to such audiences as schools, students, citizens, and tourists. Where physical accessibility and practicalities set limitations, we will turn to technology and the internet. By merging the museum's school services with the collection work of the local historical archive into a new strategy of openness, we provide unhindered access to Viborg's cultural heritage. We will invite both young and old into the engine room of the museum and convey the microhistory of Viborg based on the guests' own interests.