7 goals for the new exhibits - Viborg Museum

7 goals for the new exhibits

A social experience

Visiting Viborg Museum must be a social experience. Both the exhibition rooms and the teaching methods must support the visitors' need for experiencing cultural history together.

One course, one history

The history of Viborg must be conveyed as one, coherent course of history. The exhibits will be built around the comprehensive themes of king and church; and justice and democracy. We will begin in the year 1018 and end the exhibits with the story of Viborg in t...

Variation in the exhibits

All of the histories in the exhibits must be told and conveyed on their own merits. The histories' own potential for teaching must be the point of departure for the exhibits, and the means must be adjusted accordingly.

The potential of our heritage

The storytelling potential inherent in our cultural heritage must be utilised as well as possible in the exhibits, and the rich collections of Viborg Museum must play a central role.

Digital Media

Vi will utilise digital means where they help the narrative and enhances the visitors' experiences. The digital part of the exhibitions must be chosen carefully and designed with the most suitable means and technology.

The emotional potential of history

The history of Viborg provokes both joy and despair, amazement and outrage. When we tell this story at Viborg Museum, it must be felt and make an impression. We want to help the visitors identify with history by closely interacting with the main characters invol...

A meeting with a person

When visiting Viborg Museum, you will be met by people who are at the museum to provide a service, to convey history, and not least to listen to the visitors' own stories. We will actively seek to host and develop dialogue on all levels between the museum and th...